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Introducing Hb new line of products

Premium Gels

Availabe Mid-October

*The bottle color will match it's gel

Availabe Mid-October

Be the first to know & get an exclusive 20% off on your first order of HB Premium Gel Polish when it drops! 

The Key To A Perfect Gel

HB Premium Gel polishes are made with a modern formula. With fantastic pigmentation and perfect gel thickness for easy application. This makes it a must-have for you. 


To make bold strokes 


We made our formula to be in the perfect amount of thickness for the accommodation of everyone

Made In USA

Passing all safety guidelines from the EPA. Making sure these products are safe & easy to use


Elegant yet simple design to showcase a ray of beautiful colors

About Our Brand

See how our brand stand up and improve ourselves from a small local store to a nation wide store.

Hey Beautiful was founded in 2012 with the idea of providing nail beauty needs in one location,saving customers time, and providing high-quality nail products. Today, it has become atrue home for nail beauty stores providing Mia Secret, Preciosa Crystals & our successful house line. A place where the beauty within is celebrated. We are a family-owned business, and we treat everyone who walks through our doors, visits our website, or talks to us. Just like ahome, we want you to feel special, comfortable, valued, welcomed andunderstood every time you visit us.

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