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Alternative to Swarovski Crystal

As you heard Swarovski as of November 2020, will no longer sell crystals for to apply on nails. Swarovski has decided to re-align its B2B business model and will thus focus in the future on fewer segments in the luxury, accessories, fashion & selective niches. Meaning majority of the business that sold Swarovski will no longer sell. Will there be great alternatives crystals like Swarovski ? What will be the difference? When will the alternatives be available?

Alternative PRECIOSA®

     The alternative is Preciosa®, and is going to be next big thing for nail technicians. The headquarters is located in Czech Republic and was founded in 1993. Preciosas's crystal is known for high quality crystals just as Swarovski. The question is what is the difference with Swarovski?

Swarovski and Preciosa crystals what is the difference?

     Both are high quality crystals very similar in shine and depth. Crystal AB on a Swarovski will appear a blue, green and yellow color shine, and on the other hand Preciosa crystal AB appears to be more pink, purple and yellow shine. Now price plays very different from both. Swarovski could be up to 2-3x more expensive from Preciosa's crystals. Thus making Preciosa's crystals more affordable.

When will the alternatives be available?

 Availability for PRECIOSA® is already in many store but nothing like we soon will have. Hey Beautiful is on the works on creating something big with PRECIOSA®. Working on having amazing prices for retail and soon distribution for wholesalers. Year 2021 is going to be a big deal and the team of Hey Beautiful are working on having more quality products in our stores and online. 

Stay tuned for when we will have the availability for PRECIOSA® 

Proximity: Early 2021


Swarovski Dupe | Swarovski vs Preciosa


By Alejandro Flores

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