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Want to sell HB Products?

Want to sell HB Products in your store?

We appreciate your interest in our products. We have been in the business for over 12 years and in late 2019 we introduce our products to our home town Houston. Which gave us amazing results to the point of getting demand in other parts of the United States. We took several months to establish an online store which started in April 2020 and from there we have expanded and have many projects in hand. 

About our products, 80% of our products are made in the USA and have been tested and approved by the EPA. Yes, we wholesale our products at a 52% discount so that way our Authorized HB Sellers get a profit of over 50% profit. *Other accessories will be different discounts.

We are partners and Authorized Resellers of PRECIOSA Components which is going to be a big player in the rhinestone industry since Swarovski is walking out by September of 2021. The profits can be over 100%!

Our min. order is $999 and will have to arrange some agreements to become an Authorized HB Sellers


Want more info please send us an email at support@heybeautifulnailsupplies.com