Intermediate | 3D Nail Art Course | 4 Hours | Surroundings of Houston Areas

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 3D Nail Art Course | 4hr Course

The art of nails is imagination with creativity. These two qualities are vital for any nail technician/designer. 

Throughout this course, you will learn different techniques of 3D art & introduction to other kinds of designs. Once applying these techniques, you will see tremendous success in working with acrylic powders to make stunning designs & create them in your way. Learning what quality products & tools are needed is another vital element of creating these designs.

Our goal is not for you just to make a 3D design but the best design yet. Something that will wow & inspires others. With these skills & learnings you received at Hey Beautiful Nail Education, you will be able to adapt & efficiently do different 3D art designs that you may face in your nail career.

So buy the course & become a better you.


We will lend all materials. Except for brushes, please bring them.


Once paying for the course in a couple of hours or the next day, you'll receive a phone call or email from us. If you don't please send us an email at

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