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Alcohol vs. Salon Grade Dehydrators

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Alcohol vs. Salon Grade Dehydrators


Alcohol vs. Salon Grade Dehydrators

In the bustling salon of downtown Chicago, seasoned nail technician Jenna faced a dilemma. Her clients, with diverse lifestyles ranging from busy professionals to home-makers, often returned with premature chipping and lifting of their nail enhancements. Jenna knew something had to change. After extensive research and trial, she discovered the impact of the right nail prep – specifically, the choice between alcohol and salon-grade nail dehydrators.

The Debate:

Alcohol has long been a go-to for nail techs for its accessibility and immediate dehydrating effect. However, its limitations are notable. Alcohol-based prep solutions can be overly drying, sometimes leading to brittle nails. Moreover, alcohol only removes surface oils and doesn't necessarily promote adhesion.

On the other hand, salon-grade dehydrators, like the HB Nail Prep / Dehydrator, are specifically formulated to prepare the nail bed effectively. They not only remove oils but also alter the pH level of the nail, creating a more adhesive surface for nail enhancements.


Studies indicate that the use of specialized nail prep dehydrators can extend the life of nail enhancements. According to a 2019 industry report by Nails Magazine, professionals observed a 20% increase in the longevity of manicures when using salon-grade dehydrators compared to alcohol. These dehydrators actively change the chemical balance of the nail bed, increasing the adhesion of acrylics, gels, and other enhancements.

Safety and Health:

A concern for any nail tech is the health of the nail. Alcohol can cause dehydration not only of the nail plate but also of the surrounding skin. In contrast, salon-grade dehydrators are designed to be gentler. A study published in the Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology in 2020 revealed that while alcohol strips oils abruptly, leading to potential brittleness, salon-grade dehydrators maintain the integrity of the nail plate and surrounding skin.


While alcohol is a quick and easy solution, the benefits of using a salon-grade nail dehydrator are clear. For nail techs like Jenna, turning to a product that ensures both the longevity of the manicure and the health of the nail bed, like HB Nail Prep / Dehydrator, has been a game-changer.

In the competitive world of nail care, staying informed and choosing the right products can make all the difference in the quality of service offered to clients.


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By Alejandro Flores

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