Preciosa Crystals / Flat Back Rhinestones | MAXIMA | For Nails

Scratch-resistant,  long lasting high shine. Never brittle if done right.

Preciosa’s premium quality MAXIMA line is unmatched in both shine and character. A testament to Bohemia’s naturally silicon-rich sand, which gives our crystals their signature sparkle, these stones are made from only the highest quality ingredients and are among the best lead-free* crystals available on the worldwide market today. Our Hi-Pure CrystalTM production process guarantees exceptional clarity and brilliance while our patented gold-silver Dura-FoilingTM layer ensures lasting durability and excellent light dispersion. Both aesthetically and technically, our MAXIMA line has been engineered to pure, sparkling perfection.

The precision and multifaceted cut of our MAXIMA components are what sets this product line apart from the industry standard. Developed using the most advanced cutting technique, these crystals are designed to maximize the dispersion of light from every angle for more intense scintillation and brightness.

Bohemian crafted since 1548 and Crystals from the heart of Europe

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