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  • The beginning

    Our journey began in 2008 when the economy came tumbling down. We started selling perfumes & cosmetics at the flea market. Which was a big embarrassment because in our society people judge. But we stuck with it & succeeded.

  • Nail Won us over

    In 2010-2011 we started to sell Mia Secret, which brought us even greater success. By the end of 2012, we bought a location in Pasadena, Tx & started selling more nail products even though we had a very small amount of items. At the same time, we kept the flea market location open since it helped us promote the business.

  • The real growth

    2013 we focused only on nail products with Mia Secret. We went to expos, local community booths, and Cosmetology school introducing ourselves to the Beauty community of Houston. We became not just a business but a valuable source of knowledge for our community. Then in 2018, we bought a new bigger location. A few months later 2019, we brought our line.

  • Our Line Came to Life!

    We first started creating our acrylic powders & monomers and made them here at home, which both became a big success in Houston & being completely different from our competitors. Soon we were getting calls if we ship & at that time, we didn't. So we got to work and created a website. In early 2020 we put out our website. Hey Beautiful has been slow growth due to building a solid foundation. But we are proud to say we are a debt-free business. —Our goal in 2023 will be to establish another location in Houston & soon to other cities as well as put more of our gel polish that will come out in October 2022.

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