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The Forbidden Shade: Red Passion

Short Stories For Nail Techs

The Forbidden Shade: Red Passion


The Forbidden Shade: Red Passion

In the heart of the city, nestled between vintage boutiques, stood a nail salon, 'Lustrous Touch'. With a reputation for offering rare and exquisite nail shades, it was the go-to place for all the elite women. Yet, one shade remained unasked for, untouched - the HEMA Free Gel Polish named "Red Passion".

The bottle sat alone in a locked glass case, separate from the other colors. Its vibrant, mesmerizing red hue seemed to have an uncanny depth, as if it held secrets from another realm. Whispers among the oldest patrons recounted its chilling history.

Decades ago, a woman named Elara had visited the salon, bringing with her the bottle. Her request was simple: she wanted her nails painted with "Red Passion." The technician hesitated upon seeing the mysterious shade, but Elara's insistence won. As the polish touched her nails, the room grew cold, and a heavy silence enveloped the space. By the time the last nail was painted, Elara was gone, leaving behind just the bottle and an air of unease.

Ever since, anyone who dared to wear "Red Passion" met with strange occurrences. Mirrors would shatter unexpectedly, chilling whispers echoed in empty rooms, and a spectral figure was seen standing beside their beds at night. The most disturbing part? Every wearer would wake up one morning to find one nail unpainted, as if the polish was never there.

The salon's owner soon realized the gravity of the situation and locked the bottle away. But as years turned into decades, the terrifying tales faded into urban legends.

Yet every so often, on a quiet, foggy evening, a curious customer would inquire about the entrancing red shade locked away. The old technicians would warn them, recounting the eerie tales, but some still ventured to wear it, drawn to its allure. And the cycle of chilling events would begin anew.

To this day, "Red Passion" sits in its case at 'Lustrous Touch', a silent testament to the thin line between beauty and terror. Despite its chilling past, its allure remains undeniable, drawing those with a heart brave enough to challenge fate. For those audacious souls, the question remains: Do you dare to embrace the allure of "Red Passion" and master its power? Conquer your fears and let the world see the captivating beauty of the shade that few dare to wear. Order "Red Passion" now, if you dare, and become a part of its mesmerizing legacy.

By Alejandro ruben@heybeautifulnailsupplies.com