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EverGold: Diamond Powder - Hey Beautiful Nail Supplies
EverGold: Diamond Powder - Hey Beautiful Nail Supplies
EverGold: Diamond Powder - Hey Beautiful Nail Supplies
EverGold: Diamond Powder - Hey Beautiful Nail Supplies
EverGold: Diamond Powder - Hey Beautiful Nail Supplies
EverGold: Diamond Powder - Hey Beautiful Nail Supplies

EverGold: Diamond Powder


Diamond Powder - A Glimmering Gem in the EverGold Edition

Experience the dazzling allure of Diamond Powder, a standout silver glitter gel polish from the luxurious EverGold Edition at Hey Beautiful. This polish isn't just about sparkle; it's about embracing the brilliance and elegance of the finest diamonds.

Part of our exclusive EverGold Edition, Diamond Powder is a statement in a bottle. Its finely milled silver glitter particles are masterfully blended, capturing the essence of diamond-like shimmer. It's the ideal choice for those moments when you want to radiate glamour and sophistication.

Crafted for both beauty and durability, Diamond Powder's formula promises chip-resistant, enduring wear. Each application is effortless, laying down a smooth, uniform coat of glitter that maintains its splendor without clumping or peeling.

Perfect for elevating any look, whether you're stepping out for a glamorous evening or adding a touch of festive sparkle, Diamond Powder from the EverGold Edition turns your nails into a dazzling spectacle of silver. Let your hands speak volumes with the luxurious glimmer of Diamond Powder.



- Crafted for your studio apparel 

- Using modern ingredients

- Curved brush bristle for precision 

- Beginner Friendly

- Low Odor 

- Perfect viscosity 

- Long-lasting

- Easily removable 

Approved & tested by many Houstonian Nail Techs 

Disclaimer: Due to lighting, the gel might appear different in the picture 

Weight: 60g


How to use: After prepping your nail with the HB dehydrator, Ultra Bond primer & cured HB base gel. Apply two thin coats or more of the HB gel polish (cure between each coat). Once the gel polish is cured, apply Lumi-Nosa-Lux for a brilliant shine. 

HEMA-free gel polish minimizes the risk of allergic reactions and skin irritation, making it a safer choice for sensitive individuals while ensuring vibrant, long-lasting nail beauty.

Acrylate Oligomers:

They're the main part of many nail polishes, giving them strength and lasting power. They harden into a tough coat when hit by UV light.

UV Initiating Agent:

This ingredient is key for making the nail polish hard under UV light. It starts the hardening process.

Ethyl Phenyl Phosphinate:

Used to keep the nail polish stable and clear for longer. It stops the polish from hardening too soon or turning yellow.

Hydroxycyclohexyl Phenyl Ketone:

A special kind of ingredient that also helps the polish harden under UV light, great for thicker gels to make sure they cure evenly.


This makes the nail polish the right thickness for applying smoothly, helping you get a neat finish perfect for nail art.

Frequently Asked Questions

HEMA-free gel polish is a type of nail polish formulated without hydroxyethyl methacrylate (HEMA), reducing potential allergic reactions and making it safer for sensitive nails.

HEMA-free gel polish can last up to 3 weeks or more with proper application and care, maintaining a high-gloss finish without chipping or peeling.

Yes, HEMA-free gel polish is suitable for most people, especially those with sensitive skin or allergies to traditional gel polishes.

No, when applied and removed correctly, HEMA-free gel polish does not damage the natural nails. It provides a strong, protective layer while allowing your nails to grow healthy underneath.

Yes, HEMA-free gel polish requires curing under a UV or LED lamp to set the polish and achieve a durable, glossy finish.