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1 Year Warrenty For Electric Nail Drill UV-701

Warranty regulations

The warranty service is limited to the valid warranty period undernormal use, Due to the product quality problems caused by non-human damage fault, by the bill and this warranty card will enjoy the following three guarantees according to the national Three Guarantees Services:

  1. In case of failure within 7 days from thedate of purchase, responsible for free return and replacement-Goods or repairs.
  2. In case of failure within 7 to 15 days from thedate of purchase, responsible for free replacement or repair it.
  3. In case of failure within one year from the date of purchase, free of charge within the validity period maintenance service.
  4. Please bring this certificate and valid purchase bill when repairing. This certificate cannot be alteredOtherwise, it will be regarded as invalid certificate, which can be valid only after being sealed by the selling unit.

Non-warranty regulations

The following cases are not within the scope of San

Bao service:

  1. The contents on the warranty card are inconsistent with or altered with the physical identification of the goods
  2. Unauthorized maintenance, private dismantling, misuse, collision, liquid injection and modification The product quality problem caused by improper use or tear upThe label, anti-counterfeiting mark and machine serial number of altered and altered productsEtc.
  3. It is not used and maintained according to the requirements of the product manuallt's damaged.
  4. Damage of products andaccessories due to human activities.
  5. Damage caused by force majeure such as flood, fire, lightning strike, etc
  6. Failure or accident caused by using non original accessories of the company
  7. There is no warranty card and valid bills, and the goods cannot be proved to be in theThree guarantees are valid.
  8. The nail polisher is an electronic product and cannot be waded or washed.

If the product fails, it is not included in the three-pack maintenance service.

What to do

If electic drill is under the warrenty & due to the product quality problems caused by non-human damage fault. Please send us an email at support@heybeautifulnailsupplies.com we ask a video of the damage electric drill with the errors showing, as well the receipt & warrenty card are a MUST. Without the warrenty card there's nothing our company will be able to do. 

Once we investigate & conclude the warrenty is within the time frame & errors. We will send you a shipping label to send it to us to fix the issue.