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Q&A Regarding Shipment
My package states "delivered" but it's not here, where is it?
USPS sometimes notification system does not work correctly, and we see this many time but the majority of the time does get delivered 1-2 business days after. See our Shipping policy for more info.
My tracking says "accepted" or "pre-shipment" where is my package?
 USPS sometimes does not scan properly the package and goes in to transit without updating. It's a common situation unfortunately there's not to much we can do but to ask for patience. In reality it's actually on your way to being delivered, it will update once it get's delivered.
Why is my shipment taking longer?
Many things can effect the time. Covid 19 has brought up a heavy demand and USPS and UPS are overwhelmed with shipments. Natural disasters can also be another cause. We just ask for patience.