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Liquid Spillage Policy

Liquid Spillage Goods 
Please send us picture of box and items that are damaged.
Regarding monomers if spillage is:
1-5% we will refund 10% of the Monomer 
10-20% we will refund 25% of the Monomer 
21-45% we will refund 55% of the Monomer
46+ we will resend you another Monomer.
We will come to terms once we see box damage. The more it spilled the more the box takes damage. If monomer spilled and the box shows minor damage and the picture shows more than half on the bottle empty. That will let us know one took extra liquid out and took picture and stated half spilled. 46% spillage would destroy the box as we have experimented and seen. We ask for honesty and if we see a scam your are jeopardizing the refund. 
*Keep in mind we always add 8-10% more in liquid in containe. For spillage when shipping.