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Black Empire | 01

Black Empire | 01

Introducing Black Empire, our luxurious gel polish. This rich, deep, and mysterious shade is perfect for adding a touch of allure to your nails. With its intricate curves and sleek lines, it will bring a touch of sophistication to any look. The perfect addition to your studio apparel, Black Empire is crafted with modern ingredients and offers a low odor, perfect viscosity, and is beginner friendly. The curved brush bristle offers precision and the long-lasting finish will keep your nails looking perfect all day long. Plus, it can be easily removed when youre ready to switch up your look. Get ready to make a statement with Black Empire, the perfect gel polish for any occasion.


- Crafted for your studio apparel 

- Using modern ingredients

- Curved brush bristle for precision 

- Beginner Friendly

- Low Odor 

- Perfect viscosity 

- Long-lasting

- Easily removable 

Approved & tested by many Houstonian Nail Techs 

Disclaimer: Due to lighting, the gel might appear different in the picture 

Weight: 60g


How to use: After prepping your nail with the HB dehydrator, Ultra Bond primer & cured HB base gel. Apply two thin coats or more of the HB gel polish (cure between each coat). Once the gel polish is cured, apply Lumi-Nosa-Lux for a brilliant shine. 

Ingredients: Acrylate oligomers, UV Initiating agent, Ethyl phenyl phosphinate, Hydroxycyclohexyl phenyl ketone, silica, CI 77891, CI 77499, CI 74160, CI 77492, CI 77019, CI 77491

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  • HEMA


    The benefits of Hema Free gel polish include: no odor, no damage to the nails, quick drying, long-lasting color and shine, and easy removal. Additionally, Hema Free gel polish is vegan, cruelty-free, and free of the 10 most toxic chemicals found in conventional polishes. It is also formaldehyde, toluene, and DBP-free, making it a safe and healthy option for nail technicians and their clients.
  • Cruelty Free

    We love animals so made sure no test were made on them.
  • Made To Be Showcased

    Beautifully Designed

    Other gel polishes have the same boring label for each bottle which is very unoriginal. We wanted to be different. We consider everything in the bottle's design, from the feel of the soft luxurious matte finish to its weight to the metal plate in the middle. This bottle is intended to upscale your studio.
  • Modern

    Premium 2.0 Gel

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A brand to trust


Trubleshoot/ FAQ

Gel Polish

Please do not use Acetone, as it can fade the bottle's finish. Instead, we recommend using Clean Start "Wipping Gel Solution." Even though it contains a small amount of Acetone, it's combined with other elements to create a new solution that works wonders.

Gel nails can chip or peel due to the use of damage by the client, improper removal or preparation of the nail plate.

Unhealthy nail bed can be a big factor but sometimes it could be because an oily nail bed, smooth nails won't stick to anything but your own finger, gel nails peel off for this reason. When gluing wood to something else, a woodworker will typically sand the wood's surface in order to increase adhesion. One of the main strategies for extending the lifespan of your gel is to do this.

"But I still have problems"

Well in this case it might be the base coat. After a while a base coat will get thicker with every use. solvents will evaporate if open to the air. Eventually, every time you take your brush out, the solvents that thin the polish will evaporate leaving you with a gloopy product. Unfortunately you'll have to get a new base coat.

Now if it's not the base coat, the next thing might be the UV/LED lamp. After a while the LED might dime so we recommend to have that checked.

If it's still not working send us email we will be happy to help.

Under-cured gel polish is the most common reason for wrinkling after curing. What happens is that the top layer of the gel is cured, but underneath, it's still uncured, which gravity will bring down the cured layer creating a wrinkle. But there are other possibilities. For example, if you didn't do the proper nail prep work before the service, you might see wrinkles on your clients' nails.

On the other hand, it might be time to get a new professional nail lamp. If you have more than one client who keeps getting wrinkles or bubbles, and you've checked the thickness of your layers, it could mean that your lamp needs to be replaced because the UV bulbs or LED are no longer penetrating the product as they should.

Make sure the bulbs are new if you are using a traditional UV lamp. About every three months, you need to get new ones. It's also possible that you're putting on too much gel-polish. If you put on too much gel polish, the UV light can't get through the whole layer to cure it properly.

People often make the mistake of putting on too many layers of polish and not waiting long enough between coats. Oil and moisture are common causes.

We all love shaking bottles of gel polish before we apply it. Unfortunately, you have to withstand the temptation of shaking the bottle. 

Roll the bottle instead that way it does not form bubbles.

It's the tackiness which allows each subsequent coat to stick.

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