Elite Ultra Bond

Elite Ultra Bond



Introducing a stronger healthier choice for Primer Elite Ultra Bond.

• Acid-Free

• 3x Stronger

• Vitamin E & D 

• Does not Damage Natural Nail

Recommendation: Use on oily or tough clientele. Whereas a normal Protein Bond wouldn't be enough. Elite Ultra Bond is made for the hardest and toughest nails while giving the natural nail it's vitamins 

The reason why Acid-Free primers might be a stick and why it's not a bad thing.

The Elite Ultra Bond primer is meant for the ones that have oily nail beds or that struggle with keeping nails on, acid free primers have an ingredient that changes the pH on the natural nail. Elite Ultra Bond has more of a synthetic bond that changes, even more, the pH on a natural nail therefore making it more sticky. The synthetic bond is what makes the product sticky since it doesn’t have acid. Keep in mind acid dries out the nail but it’s more damaging.