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We offer three tiers of our Kolinsky brushes, each catering to different levels of craft sophistication and personal preference, all centered around the quality of the Kolinsky sable used.

  1. Quality Brush: Our entry-level option contains a substantial 75% Kolinsky sable, providing excellent resilience and application control. The handle is made of uncoated wood, lending a natural feel to the brush. Please note that exposure to monomer may affect the paint.
  2. Premium Brush: Stepping up, our premium brush boasts an enhanced 85% Kolinsky sable content for superior performance and precision. This brush features a UV-coated wood handle for additional durability and resistance to monomer.
  3. Luxury Brush: At the pinnacle of our range, the luxury brush offers an unparalleled 95% Kolinsky sable. This high concentration guarantees the finest flexibility and precision, perfect for the most intricate designs. It is complemented with a UV-coated wood handle for longevity and aesthetic appeal.

While the source of our Kolinsky sable remains constant, the varying percentages allow us to cater to a range of needs and preferences. Choose the brush that suits your artistry best, knowing that each tier promises a commitment to quality and performance.

For those desiring a 100% Kolinsky brush, we offer a custom-made service. This special order comes with an additional $20 cost over our Luxury range due to the exclusive materials used. Please note that the crafting of these brushes takes extra time, so anticipate a 30-day shipping period for these unique tools. Your quest for perfection is our command.

We want to give it to you straight. Most companies who say their brushes are "100% Kolinsky" aren't telling the truth. In fact, 95% of them might be misleading you. We've done a lot of digging, including talking directly to many of these companies. Sadly, a lot of them aren't open about what's really in their brushes.

We believe you should know exactly what you're buying. That's why we're always upfront about what goes into our brushes. No secrets, no half-truths. Just high-quality materials and honest information. When you buy from us, you're getting the real deal. Trust in our products and see the difference for yourself.

Treat your brush with the respect it deserves, for it is a tool made from nature itself. Remember, Kolinsky is real hair, so it demands a gentler touch. Here are some useful tips to help you maintain the quality and longevity of your brush:

  1. Skip the Acetone: Never clean your brush with acetone as it can damage the Kolinsky hair. It's critical to remember that real hair calls for more considerate care.
  2. Regular Cleaning with Monomer: For routine cleaning, we recommend using a monomer. As an oil-based chemical, it is gentle on the brush, helping to maintain its form and quality over time. Simply immerse the brush in the monomer and gently wipe off the residue on a clean towel.
  3. Deep Cleaning with HB Brush Cleaner: For a more thorough clean, especially after heavy use, turn to our specially formulated HB Brush Cleaner. This product is designed to safely and effectively remove hardened acrylic, ensuring your brush remains in optimal condition, ready for your next masterpiece.

By treating your Quality Kolinsky Sable Nail Brush with the care it deserves, you can extend its life and continue to create beautiful nail art for years to come. Respect the tool, and it will serve you well.

We believe in simplicity and sustainability. That's why our packaging is straightforward yet practical - a clear, recyclable plastic container. Not only does this eco-friendly choice contribute to reducing waste, but it also ensures we keep our costs down. As a result, we pass those savings onto you, making our premium brushes more affordable. Embrace our commitment to you and the environment with each order you place.

Luxury Kolinsky Brush | Diamond

Luxury Kolinsky Brush | Diamond

Immerse yourself in the world of luxurious nail artistry with our Exquisite Luxury Kolinsky Brush. This remarkable tool, boasting an exceptional composition of 94-95% pure top-tier Kolinsky and a touch of 5% resilient Nylon, promises an unparalleled nail designing experience.

Designed to elevate your craft to new heights, our brush encapsulates the very essence of luxury and performance. The high concentration of premium Kolinsky ensures extraordinary flexibility, outstanding precision, and superb polish or gel application. The slight infusion of Nylon enhances the durability, ensuring a brush that will stand the test of time, even with rigorous professional use.

Key Features:

  1. Quality Kolinsky: Composed of 94-95% pure, high-quality Kolinsky for top-of-the-line flexibility and precision.
  2. Enhanced Durability: 5% Nylon integration guarantees the brush's longevity and consistent performance.
  3. Unrivaled Precision: Achieve your finest work yet with the brush's superior control during nail art and polish application.
  4. Luxurious Experience: The exquisite blend of materials and craftsmanship promises a luxurious nail artistry experience.

This Luxury Kolinsky Brush is more than a tool – it's a testament to the artist's refined taste and commitment to superior quality. Embrace this unrivaled fusion of style, luxury, and functionality and take your artistry to new heights. Experience the luxury difference today.

"Keep in mind: Brush Is on the Thicker side. 

If you want it press please contact us"

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