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Odorless Monomer

Odorless Monomer

HB Odorless Monomer: A Breath of Fresh Air in Nail Artistry

Introducing the HB Odorless Monomer – your go-to solution for a serene and aromatic nail enhancement experience. Dive into the world of nail artistry without the overpowering scent of traditional monomers. Crafted without MMA, our formulation is not just safer but also respects the comfort of both technicians and clients.

Key features:

  • Gentle on the Senses: Experience nail enhancements without the typical pungent smell.
  • Extended Curing Time: While it naturally takes 18-25 minutes to cure, this extended time ensures a detailed and meticulous application, making it perfect for intricate designs.
  • Environment-Responsive: The curing time can be influenced by factors like room temperature, humidity, and nail temperature, allowing for a customized nail experience.
  • Boosted Performance: In a hurry? Add a couple of drops of our Monomer Booster, and watch the curing time plummet to just 4-5 minutes, without compromising the quality of the finish.   Note: A slight discoloration might occur, but rest assured it does not affect the overall performance and quality of the product.

Embrace a new era of nail artistry. With HB Odorless Monomer, ensure flawless nails, every time, in a more pleasant and harmonious environment. Transform your nail sessions into a calming escape.

Tips: To quicken the cure, add a 2 drops of HB Monomer Booster to dappen dish. You might feel a slight warmth upon application – this is a normal reaction from the mixture of chemicals and is harmless. Enjoy an impeccable, odor-free finish. Always use in a well-ventilated area for optimal results. 

The odorless acrylic system works differently than the regular acrylic and has a longer curing time, and also a little more difficult than regular monomer as well more oily since it lacks one of the main chemicals of a regular monomer. This is great for practice and state board tests.  

Ingredients:Polyegylene gycol minimetharcyle 2-hydroxyethyl methacrylate, Triethlene glycol dimethacrylate ester, Nn n dimethyl-potoluidine d& c violet #2 FD & c blue #1

 Approx. Curing Time up to ~20+ Min

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