Silicone Practice Hand For Nails

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Silicone Practice Hand For Nails

Upgraded version 

-Nail Will not fall off

- Silicon Hand for more comfort 

- Easily movable 

User Manual:
Instructions For Use:
1. Install the nail practice hand on the nail table (to loosen the
base in a counterclockwise direction, and to fix the base in
a clockwise direction),
2. Adjust the position of the nail practice hand (the hose and
fingers of the nail practice hand can be bent freely),
3. Install the replacement nails (No need to use glue, the nails
can be fixed firmly on the fingers and will not fall off easily).

Packing List:
One silicone nail practice hand
A box of replacement nails (50 tips)

After-sales Service:
If you encounter one of the following situations, please contact
the seller directly to replace a new nail practice hand,
1. If the product you received has any flaws, defects,
2. If you think the product you received is not brand new,
3. If there is any problem with the product in normal use.

How to Take Care of The Nail Practice Hand:
1. Avoid direct sunlight,
2. Do not use acidic or alkaline solutions to clean the product.
3. Don't put it together with sharp nail art tools,
4. Other things that have not been written out and need to be
paid attention to.

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