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3 Mistakes You Might Be Making With Your Acrylic Brush

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3 Mistakes You Might Be Making With A Brush!


3 Mistakes You Might Be Making With A Brush!


3 Mistakes You Might Be Making With A Brush! 


Mistake Number 1: Not having a quality brush

Quality Kolinsky Brush

There’s millions of brushes out there and not to long ago we ask on Instagram THE WORST ADVICE you as a nail techs have ever received. And the results are pretty shocking. One user told us that the worst advice she has received is to use a makeup brush for the acrylic! If your using a make up brush please honey STOP! Use a cheap brush at least… But back to the subject. Mistake Numero uno: Not Having A Quality brush. Let’s get real. A Brush is a core tool is and a MUST! Without it you can’t use the monomer nor be able to pick up acrylic powder. A brush can make or break your application. Something we hear a lot is “ A very cheap brush will do the same as the expensive one” In a way yeah but no. A cheap product sometime is not even worth the half of it’s price. 

So what’s a good price range and what’s a good brush? 

For a quality brush for a size 8 around 15-18$. The bigger the size the more expensive it will get. 

Now what I’m going to tell you it might be upsetting or saddening to hear.  I’m going to be very simple and honest. A good brush is made with 100% Kolinsky Hair Brush which is made with natural hairs from the tail of the animal called “Kolinsky”, family of the Weasels. Sadly there is no better alternative choice. The best alternative is a Faux Kolinsky but that even won’t last you long and the performance is not great. I see nail companies promoting Cruelty Free products when we in fact we see they are selling Kolinsky brushes and I just say what a joke. Sometimes you’ll hear Sabel Hairs which is a way to hide the name. So when ever you use a Kolinsky brush make sure you take care of it! It should last you years! Comment below if you know any alternatives* 

Mistake Number 1 and it’s answer in short get your self a quality Kolinsky brush and if you want cruelty free brush get a Faux Sabel Kolinsky Brush. 

  Mistake Number 2: being rough with your brush 

Being rough with your brush will result nothing good. We see this issue occurs many times. You get acrylic stuck in there and what’s the next thing you do? Push your brush hard in the dappen dish with monomer and rub and brush hard against the paper in all directions. NO! Please don’t do that. Make sure your gentle with it, and when rubbing on the paper it's with the hairs and it's flat side. 

 Mistake Number 3: Using Acetone to clean 

My gosh I have seen this multiple times. Let me ask you this. Would you put acetone in your own hair? Of COURSE NOT! Then why are you using it on the brush. The acetone is a too harsh of a chemical and it will destroy the hair folecules of the bristle. It will make the brush look weird, and it will start to fall off and in general it’s a NO GO. 

Brush Cleaner this is miles better than acetone. But even then it can cause damage. Since it contains small amount of acetone we recommended to use this when necessary and not all the time. More when you have dried acrylic on the brush. Leave it there for a couple of min to a couple of hours till the Acrylic are easy to remove. 

Quality Brush Cleaner

BUT the best way to clean is… MONOMER


 Yes monomer is going to best Solution! Why? Well monomer is a oil base chemical and works amazing with brush hair. It keeps the brush healthier and makes sure you have a long lasting brush. 

  1. Fill a dappen dish with monomer.
  2. Leave your brushes to soak – it might take anywhere from 2 hours to overnight, depending on how stubborn the acrylic is. If it does not work use brush cleaner. 
  3. Gently rinse the bristles with warm water
  4. Lie your brushes horizontally on a twel and allow them to completely air dry
  5. Once dry, give them another soak in some fresh monomer for a further 1-2 hours
  6. Again, lie them flat on a towel and allow the monomer to dry naturally

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By Alejandro Flores

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