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Alternative to Swarovski Crystal

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Alternative to Swarovski Crystal

Alternative to Swarovski Crystal


As of November 2020, Swarovski has decided to re-align its B2B business model and will focus on fewer segments in the luxury, accessories, fashion & selective niches. This means that many businesses that previously sold Swarovski will no longer do so.

Fortunately, PRECIOSA® is set to become the next big thing for nail technicians. PRECIOSA® was founded in 1993 in the Czech Republic and is known for its high-quality crystals that rival Swarovski's. The main difference between the two is the shine Swarovski often produces a blue, green and yellow colour, whereas PRECIOSA® offers a pink, purple and yellow hue. Additionally, PRECIOSA® is often much more affordable than Swarovski, making it ideal for those on a budget.

Hey Beautiful is currently working on making PRECIOSA® available for retail and wholesale. Look out for its arrival in 2021!


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By Alejandro Flores

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