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     January 25th at 12 am will be the day we launch the PRECIOSA® Flatbacks Maxima Crystals. Keep in mind at the moment in AB Crystal will be only available in small packs and not wholesale bulks due to shortage of Preciosa's inventory. Some Shapes and colors will be available. Restocking of the full inventory will be Late Feburary or early March of 2021.

     Preciosa's Maxima Crystals are the best alternative from Swarovski Crystals. The difference in AB is slight in color but the same high shine. The back is a lighter grey as opposed to Swarovski's darker back grey. Most people would not recognize the difference.

     Preciosa's Maxima Crystals are made with high-quality ingredients and are among the best lead-free crystals available in the market. Preciosa's crystals guarantee lasting durability & excellent light dispersion. The Maxima line is made to maximize the dispersion of light from every angle for a more intense scintillation & brightness.

Prices for wholesale bulk: 1440pcs $32.80 (~.02 cents per bead)
Prices for Individual: 100pcs $3.84 (~.04 cents per bead)
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