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HB Team

Welcome to the heart of Hey Beautiful - our dedicated team that turns our vision into reality every day. Each member brings unique skills and passion to the table, creating a dynamic, creative, and forward-thinking environment.

  • Founder

    At the helm of Hey Beautiful since its inception in 2012, Ruben Flores has been the driving force behind our brand's journey to success. Despite his intense and focused demeanor that may sometimes give the impression of seriousness, Ruben is genuinely approachable and amiable. He combines his deep industry knowledge with a friendly and open attitude, making him not just a respected leader but also a much-loved figure among both our team and clients.
  • Founder

    Zoraida, often called our 'Second Founder,' is a key pillar of Hey Beautiful. She has a sharp eye for the latest trends and a deep understanding of nail anatomy, skills that have greatly contributed to our success. Zoraida is known for her straightforward approach, yet she brings a warmth and joyfulness to her interactions that make conversations with her both enlightening and enjoyable.
  • CEO

    Alejandro has been a part of Hey Beautiful since the very beginning. In 2022, he deepened his commitment to our family business, focusing on marketing, modernizing, and innovating our sales approaches. Though typically quiet, Alejandro brings a dynamic energy and motivating spirit to our team. His leadership style is both inspiring and forward-thinking, guiding us toward a bright future.
  • Creative Director

    As our Creative Director, Nazaret plays a crucial role in shaping the vision of Hey Beautiful. Working closely with the CEO, she's often regarded as the creative right hand of the company. Her innovative ideas and keen eye for aesthetic details have been instrumental in defining our brand's identity and direction. Nazaret's ability to translate visionary concepts into tangible realities sets her apart as a key creative force behind our success.
  • Distribution Manager

    Carmen has been with Hey Beautiful since 2018 improving & coordinating anything with product distribution. She's lovely, highly motivated & fun to be around person.
  • In House Master Technician

    Daniela has been in the company since 2019. She has done almost all of the nail work, pictures, and videos for Hey Beautiful. She tends to look serious, but she a light-hearted.


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