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HB Team

  • CEO

    Ruben Flores is the CEO of the buiness. He founded the company in 2012 & with a comprehensive knowledge of business, he created Hey Beautiful to where it's today. He looks like a mad person, but in reality, he's the complete opposite. Friendly & knowledgeable person.
  • Business executive

    Zoraida Flores is another principal founder of the company "Hey Beautiful" & acts as a secondhand to the CEO. She has the capability of knowing the newest trends & with an excellent knowledge of nail anatomy. She has a persona that is very direct but has a joy feature that makes you want to continue to talk to her.
  • Marketing / Sales Director

    Alejandro Flores has been in the company since it was started. But a couple of years took in more consideration the family business. He dedicated himself to anything that had to do with marketing, modernizing & innovating sales. He is typically quiet but conveys the energy and motivation of the team. Showing & true leadership to the future.
  • Distribution Manager

    Carmen has been with Hey Beautiful since 2018 improving & coordinating anything with product distribution. She's lovely, highly motivated & fun to be around person.
  • In House Master Technician

    Daniela has been in the company since 2019. She has done almost all of the nail work, pictures, and videos for Hey Beautiful. She tends to look serious, but she a light-hearted.


Let us know if you have any question about us or buiness.